people scare me when they really believe in those ‘fresh’ food labels. do you really think that can of food with an expiry date two years later is FRESH? i cannot even imagine how many preservatives would be put in there, or how slow you have to be to believe in something like that.

      I’m like everyone else. Some days you wake up feeling great about yourself. Some days not so much. My trick is to always do the best I can. It’s fortifying knowing you’ve done everything you could to treat your body right.

Daisy Fuentes

      A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.

—  Joan Welsh

product review: fresh sugar honey lip treatment

Fresh Sugar Honey Lip Treatment SPF15 0.15oz (USD 22.5)

 Fresh Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment SPF15 moisturizes, protects, and smoothes the lips while leaving a warm nude tint, offering sheer coverage or buildable color.


Okay, this is a rather pricey product, but I could not be any happier for buying this! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’m not sure what your experience with lipstick has been like, but for me, lipstick was always too drying and would leave my lips with noticeable lip lines – even when I applied lip balm under (read my review on Lancome’s lipstick here). Fresh’s lip treatment is awesome. The color is just right for my everyday use (exactly what the box says: a warm nude tint) and it’s SUPER moisturizing! Not to mention it has SPF 15. My verdict: MUST HAVE PRODUCT RIGHT HERE! (Well, go with any of the lip treatments in your color.)

In fact, I’m so in love with this product that I went ahead and bought another lip treatment in sugar plum. It was only a few bucks more for the Fresh Kissing Ritual Set which also includes a little pot of sugar lip polish, so I went ahead and bought that.

Fresh Kissing Ritual: Sugar Plum Tinted Lip Treatment SPF15 0.15oz and Sugar Lip Polish 8g (USD 25)

Haven’t tried the lip treatment yet. The color looks a little scary but I heard it goes on pretty sheer so I’m still pretty happy with it. I’ve had the sugar lip polish in its full size before. It smells great, works great, but then again, it’s pricey. You could get the same lip exfoliating effect by mixing baby oil with sugar. I was just on a shopping spree and couldn’t stop myself.

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product review: clean & clear morning glow moisturizer SPF15

Clean & Clear Morning Glow Moisturizer SPF 15 118ml

This is a really good moisturizer for the morning (well duh!) It’s claims to be light-weight and it’s also oil free, so it promises not to clog your pores. I personally feel like the texture resembles a really light-weight sunscreen. I use about two and a half pumps in the morning: One full pump for my neck, one pump for my nose and cheek areas, and half a pump to cover my forehead. I don’t feel like it’s particularly more moisturizing than any other lotions I’ve used, but that’s good enough for me. It does it’s job and makes me look kinda dewy. Anyway, because it includes SPF15, it really does make you skin brighten up, perhaps to the point of even half or one shade lighter than your usual complexion. If you don’t want that much of a dramatic change, this is also a good moisturizer to mix in with your liquid foundation because it acts as a great brightener. My skin tends to dry up as the day passes so sometimes, after I apply this moisturizer, I wait about a minute, apply my primer, and then blend some moisturizer with Revlon’s Photoready Foundation. Works like a charm and keeps my skin nice and hydrated for a whole day. Oh yeah, and it has some really really tiny glitter l (trust me, you don’t see them unless you look incredibly closely) so it does give a wonderful dewy touch.

product review: nivea anti-cellulite gel

Nivea Good-bye Cellulite Anti-Cellulite Gel 200ml

This product really does reduce the look of cellulite – I apply it to my thighs. As in the name, it comes in a gel form, blue in color. It’s cold to the touch once applied and feels great on the skin. I would say you really do have to be very diligent in applying it every day to see the effects. Stopping a day or two will make those ugly dimples again. One bottle lasts me around 3-4 weeks.

      The greatest wealth is health.

— Virgil

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